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Solar Eclipse Information

On Monday, April 8, 2024, a total Solar Eclipse will be making its way across the entire continental United States. With such a monumental event occurring during the school day, the campuses at Cotulla ISD will be conducting a viewing of the event for students, faculty and staff members who wish to participate.  Safety is our top priority, and we would like both you and your student/s to be aware of the precautionary steps we are putting in place.


Homemade or ordinary sunglasses are not sufficient ways to view an eclipse, as the reflectivity and polarization are not high enough for viewing in a safe manner. To ensure that each participant is safe, Cotulla ISD has purchased eclipse glasses specifically designed for eclipse viewing for every student and employee for those who wish to participate. THIS MEANS THAT GLASSES MUST BE KEPT ON AT ALL TIMES DURING VIEWING.  Students should never look at the sun without special eye protection, and removing glasses even temporarily may have serious effects on your eyes.


Because of these safety concerns, a parent or guardian signature is required for students to participate in the event. Students who do not complete this form will not be able to participate.
For more information about the total solar eclipse please visit the following resources