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Mar. 23 – Super Saturday 4th Writing & 5th Science 9:00-12:00 

Mar. 30 – Super Saturday 5th Reading   9:00-12:00 

April 6 – Super Saturday 4th Writing & 5th Science   9:00-12:00 

May 28 – Kindergarten Graduation 5:30-6:30 Ruth Carr Auditorium 

May 30 – Pre-K – End of Year Awards --- 9:00-10:00 Ruth Carr Auditorium 

May 30 - 1st Grade -- End of Year Awards – 10:30-11:30 Ruth Carr Auditorium 

May 30 – 2nd Grade – End of Year Awards – 1:30-2:30 Ruth Carr Auditorium 

May 31 – 3rd Grade – End of Year Awards – 9:00-10:00 Ruth Carr Auditorium 

May 31 - 4th Grade – End of Year Awards –10:30-11:30 Ruth Carr Auditorium 

May 31 – 5th Grade – End of Year Awards –1:30-2:30 Ruth Carr Auditorium 


Pastries for Parents!

Thank you parents and families for a successful event! 





Congratulations to our  2019 La Salle County Fair Science Fair Winners!

2nd and 3rd Grade

Grand Champion – Maddie Ramirez and Bayleigh Walker – Wipe Out
Reserve Champion – Omar Chapa and Nathan Hernandez – Sliding into Summer
Top Blue #4 – Justine Gonzalez – How to Make and Egg Bounce 



4th and 5th Grade
Grand Champion – Carlos Cantu – Deflate Gate
Top Blue #1 – Margarito Gonzalez - Inky Investigation 
Top Blue #2 – Sandra Lopez – Do you know that vinegar will dissolve eggshells?
Top Blue #4 – Alejandra Chapa and Amaryllis Gonzalez – Girls Just Want to Have




Congratulations to the 2019 EES Science Fair Winners



2nd Grade

1st Place – Justine Gonzalez – Bouncing Egg

2nd Place – Enrique Garcia – Will Salt or Sugar Create Crystals Grow Faster?

3rd Place – Journey Perez – Carbon Sugar Snake

Honorable Mention – Sebastian Villarreal – What Exactly Happens to the Ocean Life in an Oil Spill?


3rd Grade

1st Place – Maddie Ramirez & Bayleigh Walker – Wipe Out

2nd Place – Omar Chapa & Nathan Hernandez – Sliding into Summer

3rd Place – Eli Renteria – Volt Battle

Honorable Mention – Evonne Rocha – How Big is Your Bubble?


4th Grade

1st Place – Adrian Alba – What Video Games Make Your Heart Beat Faster?

2nd Place – Shizuka Roath – The Reaction of Sodium Nicornomite with Water and Cooking Oil?

3rd Place – Xavier Perez and Janielys Rodriguez – Can Bones Be Flexible?

3rd Place – Sandra Lopez – Do You Think the Colored Vinegar Will Remove the Shells From the Eggs?

3rd Place – Vianey Lopez – Which Bubble Gum Brand Produces the Biggest Bubble?

Honorable Mention – Trevor Rodriguez – Which Wood or Carage Makes a Better Bow and Arrow Here in South Texas Region?



5th  Grade

1st Place – Carlos Cantu – Deflate Gate (not pictured)

1st Place – Alvaro Gonzalez – Does Bleach Remove Ink? (not pictured)

2nd Place – Alejandra Chapa and Amaryllis Gonzalez – Girls Just Want to Have Curls

3rd Place – Dellanira Martinez – Electric Fruit vs. Vegetables

3rd Place - Angie Tapia - Can you Make Crystals out of Coal Using Peanut Butter?

Honorable Mention – Sebastian Janes and Ema Diaz – If a Science Fair Project was Conducted In Two Different Homes, Would You Get the Same Results?




Norma Garcia (Parent Liaison), Maria Csehy (Sp. Ed. teacher), Alice Nieto (parent) and Carmen Delgado (parent) attended the TAPPESTRY Conference at ESC 20 on Saturday, February 17, in San Antonio.  Thank you for continuing to support the students of Encinal Elementary!



3rd - 5th grade students at Encinal Elementary read 10,000 books on Epic!, and Epic! rewarded them with an ice cream party.



Congratulations to the 2018-2019 EES Student Council Officers and Representatives!

student council
Ali Chapa - President
Trevor Rodriguez - Vice President
Grace Triplitt - Secretary
Sandra Lopez - Treasurer
Arcadia Velasquez - Historian 
Dannika Walker - 5th Grade Representative 
Jasmine Lozano - 4th Grade Representative
Bayleigh Walker - 3rd Grade Representative 






Encinal Elementary will continue the Kindness Challenge for the  entire 2018-19 school year.  

Performing acts of Kindness often, not only brings happiness and joy to others, but is very beneficial to you, the giver, both physically and mentally.

Imagine if everyone in the world started the habit of kindness!  Out world would be happier, more positive, healthier, motivated, productive, confident, collaborative and joyful!

The youth are our future, so teaching the youth this "habit' of kindness increases a sense of safety and security at the schools, as well as improving student participation, confidence, leadership and positive relationships, which in turn leads to success in our children's lives.

Science shows that compassionate people are healthier, happier, resilient and capable.





All students arriving AFTER 8:00 am (tardy bell) MUST be brought to the attendance office by the parent/guardian or adult dropping off the student to receive an admit slip.




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Attention Visitors:

When visiting our school, you will need to check into the office and present a photo I.D before visiting. Thank you. 



We are now collecting Box Tops to earn some cash for our school. Please clip box tops and turn them into your child's teacher. 


        Image result for lowes market logo Lowes Register Tape for Education Program 

 Help our school earn free educational equipment one receipt at a time!  Simply collect register receipts from any Lowe's supermarket and donate them to our school. Once the school deposits the receipts, they are converted into points and redeemed for equipment and supplies. 



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