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Medication Policy



Your child may have an illness that requires medication for relief or cure that does not prevent his or her attending school.  When possible, such medication should be scheduled to be taken at home.  However, according to Texas State Legislature and Cotulla ISD Board of Trustee Policy, a medication may be dispensed to a student by school personnel.  The following requirements must be met by the parent or legal guardian requesting this service. 


1.  Prescription or non-prescription drugs that must be taken at school for 15 days or less:

a. All prescription and non-prescription drugs will only be given if a written request from the parent/guardian providing consent is received.  Medication must appear to be in the original container and be properly labeled.  Written request from a parent or guardian shall contain:

The student's name

The name of the medication to be given;

Date of permission and number of days the medication is to be given;  `                           

Time and day the medication is to be given; and

Signature of parent or legal guardian.


b.  All prescription drugs must be in their original pharmacy container and labeled by the pharmacist.  The label must include:

Name and address of the pharmacy;

Student's name;

Name of prescribing health care provider;

Name of drug; 

            Amount of drug and frequency of administration;

Date prescription filled.


c.  Non-prescription, over-the-counter drugs must be provided by the Parent/Guardian. Cotulla ISD will not purchase and/or provide any over-the-counter medications to students.  The medication must appear to be in its original and properly labeled container.  Only medication provided by and requested by a parent/guardian will be dispensed.


d.   A "Long Term Request For Administration of acetaminophen (Tylenol)" or "ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin)" form may be completed.  These forms may be obtained from the campus nurse's office.


2.  Prescription and non-prescription drugs that need to be taken at school for more than 15 consecutive days:


a.  All prescription and non-prescription drugs to be administered at school for longer than 15 consecutive days must be accompanied by a COTULLA ISD HEALTH SERVICES, MEDICATION ORDERS, PARENT AUTHORIZATION AND CONSENT FORM.  You may obtain this form from your campus nurse’s office.


b.  A student with asthma is entitled to possess and self-administer prescription asthma medicine while on school property or at a school-related event or activity if the student has a SCHOOL ASTHMA ACTION PLAN in place.  This form may be obtained from your campus nurse’s office.  A copy must be in the school nurse's office and another with the student.  The student must be prepared to produce this form to school personnel at anytime.


3.  Parental consent will be valid for one year past the date of signature, or until revocation or treatment change occurs.  In the event of a treatment change, the school should obtain the information from the provider and parent and follow the same principles as with any new medication.


4.  Medications prescribed or requested to be given three times a day or less are not to be given at school unless a specific time during school hours is prescribed by a health care provider, or the LVN or District Nurse determines that a special need exists for an individual student.


5.  There will be no more than one medication per properly labeled container.


6.  All medications will be stored and dispensed in the school nurse's office, or from the Principal or Vice-Principal's office.  Exceptions must be approved by proper school authorities in advance.


7.  No student may have prescription or non-prescription drugs in his/her possession or school grounds during school hours without proper authorization.


8.  In accordance with Board of Nurse Examiners Rule, 22 Texas Administrative Code § 217.11, the MA, LVN or District Nurse has the responsibility and authority to refuse to administer medications that, in his or her judgment, are not in the best interest of the student.