School Notice to Community - School Guardian Program

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Dear Cotulla ISD Family,


I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Cotulla ISD continues to make progress in ensuring a safe learning environment for the students and staff at Cotulla ISD. In light of school shooting tragedies occurring in communities both near and far, our School Board and I have taken immediate action to make our schools safe.

In addition to having a School Resource Officer assigned to each of our campuses, on July 18, 2022, the CISD Board of Trustees voted to give me the authority to move forward in implementing a School Guardian Program in our district.

I formed a committee that consisted of local law enforcement and La Salle County Fire & Rescue to begin working on the criteria to become a School Guardian. The committee created a School Guardian Application, interview questions, and scenarios for the interview process.

Rest assured that the process for an employee to become a School Guardian is rigorous. It includes interviews, a Texas Department of Public Safety pre-exam, a local agility test, and a local range accuracy requirement rating of 90%.

Guardians receive training through the GSFT-School Safety Certification who are fully registered with the Texas School Safety & Security Registry (as required by the Texas Education Code 37.2091). GSFT provides state training for armed teachers and employees in compliance with Texas Government Code 411.11901.

School Guardians have to complete the following: 


  • 50 round live fire Pre-Qualification- 90% (225) score on LTC qualification
  • Pre-Qualification Written Test- based on existing LTC laws and regulations (90% required)
  • Training from certified School Safety Instructors using D.P.S. curriculum
  • Scenario Training using Ultimate Training Munitions non-lethal ammunition by Certified School Safety Instructors
  • Shooting Under Duress Training
  • Shooting under duress 200 round live-fire proficiency using hostage targets
  • Final written exam (90% required)
  • Pass a psychological exam

I am pleased to announce that all of our School Guardians have successfully completed each of the requirements mentioned above. In addition, School Guardians will be required to attend range practice throughout the school year.

I want to thank our Cotulla ISD Board of Trustees for their continued commitment to ensuring our students receive the best education in one of the safest districts in our area, and will continue to do so in order to meet the safety demands of our school community. Make no mistake, our Cotulla ISD School Guardians will use whatever force necessary to protect our students and staff.




Ruben V. Cervantes

Superintendent of Schools