Update on COVID-19 Protocols

September 10, 2021

 Dear Cotulla ISD Families,

At this time, I would like to provide you with an update on our District COVID-19 protocols and other items of importance.  Keeping our students and staff safe is our number one priority.

Since the beginning of the school year, we have continued with the disinfecting of our classrooms, buildings, and buses on a daily basis. Temperature check stations were installed at every campus.  Personal water bottles were purchased for all students and have been distributed or are available upon request.  While face masks are optional for all students, staff, and individuals entering district premises, masking is highly encouraged while indoors.  Masks are available at every campus and in every classroom upon request.  Additionally, the district is looking into purchasing an air filtration system for all of the campuses.  This will also help in reducing the spread of many airborne viruses (not only COVID-19).

Last week, TEA updated their Public Health Guidance.  Students identified as a close contact because an individual who lives in the same household is COVID-19 positive, are required to stay home for a 10-day period.  This applies to unvaccinated students.  Students who are fully vaccinated and are not experiencing symptoms, may attend school. 

I would like to clear up some misconceptions in regards to classrooms, buses, and cafeterias being overcrowded.  By no means are we overcrowded.  The average classroom sizes range between 15 to 18 students per class with a few exceptions at the secondary level.

The seating capacity on our bus routes varies from students sitting either individually or two per seat.  At no time are there three students to one seat.  We are currently in the process of hiring another bus driver to reduce the number of students on our buses.

At our school cafeterias, staggered lunches have been in place since the beginning of the school year.  Additional tables were added at the elementary to allow an empty seat between students and we continue to disinfect in between lunch periods.

Working together, we can help combat this virus and reduce the number of those who get sick.  We cannot let our guards down.  We must remain vigilant and do all we can to help keep our children safe.


 Ruben V. Cervantes

Superintendent of Schools