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7th Grade Science PBL 2

PBL: Aliens Are Attacking Earth

Miss. Natalie Garcia

Aliens are attacking Earth!  They targeted key government and research facilities, killing many top scientists. The President and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces has requested your help in fighting the enemy aliens that are attacking the planet. 

Mission Statement: You are to form a team of scientists that will work with the US Army to understand more about the alien life that is attacking planet Earth and establish a way to save the Earth from total extinction. 

Students first had to identify the alien cell as either prokaryotic or eukaryotic. They then had to identify if it was more like an animal or plant cell (more like an animal cell). Based on those features, they had to decide if they should use the mitochondrial serum from Biocorp Nanotechnology to shut down the mitochondria in the cells. This would only work if the alien cells were more like animal cells. If the alien was more like a plant cell, then giving it the serum would make the alien extremely powerful.