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RBE Kinder PBL "Little Red Riding Hood Needs Help!"

PBL Title: “Little Red Riding Hood Needs Help!” 

Ramirez-Burks Elementar---Kindergarten


Kindergarten students at Ramirez-Burks Elementary recently completed a PBL titled, “Little Red Riding Hood Needs Help!” The Driving Question was: “How can we as engineers create a way for Little Red Riding Hood to avoid the wolf?”

Students used the following materials: iPads, rubber bands, tape, cardboard, fishing line, wheels, paper clips, magnets, cookie sheets, and construction paper. 

Students demonstrated their knowledge about magnetics by making Little Red Riding Hood move across a cookie sheet. Students then worked in a team and created a working system that would make Little Red Riding Hood go over the wolf. Students were then asked to present their projects which included: a pulley system with a zip-line, sling shot, and lever. 

Kindergarten teachers at RBE are:  Elva Carpenter, Stacy Ayala, Iris Garcia, Brenda Summers, and Araceli Maldonado.