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3rd Grade "Book Buffet" PBL


Teachers: Leah Velasquez & Valerie Rodriguez

 The BOOK BUFFET began with the driving question: “How can we, as chefs, create a “hunger” for learning the Literary Elements of Fiction?”   As an entry event the students viewed a clip from Iron Chef America.  As the students read through their June B. Jones novel they needed to keep in mind each literary element and how they all played such an important role in making the story flow, making it entertaining, and complete.  As they read the students completed their Reading Notebook. This notebook covers genre, author’s purpose, point of view, vocabulary, plot, and reflection on a daily basis. 

As students finished reading their Junie B. Jones novel they began brainstorming a food item they wanted to “cook” to represent the elements.  Students then created a blueprint and mapped out exactly what they wanted to cook, the materials they would need, what element would be represented by each piece of food, etc…. 

Mrs. Velasquez & Ms. Rodriguez explained to them that just like in Iron Chef, they would be judged on “taste” (what food they chose), plating (how it looked), and presentation (how well they could present their end product).  Students were provided with the basic materials available in the classrooms and were also given the option to bring items from home. 

Students began creating—bringing things from home that their teachers hadn’t even thought of. They were collaborating and discussing the elements.  Many students began to say things like “This is a such a fun way to learn”  and “I didn’t know reading could be this fun.”  

Mrs. Velasquez & Ms. Rodriguez are extremely proud of their students hard work and the progress they have made. 




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