Summer Academy Notice

January 27, 2021


Dear Parents,

Cotulla ISD is currently planning a new concept for Summer School called Summer Academy for the 2020-2021 school year. As a result, it is now even more important that your child actively participates in either in-person or online classes. Cotulla ISD strongly encourages you to make sure your child is engaging with his/her teachers while attending in-person or online classes. Daily attendance and completed assignments are still required and expected. Active participation, communication, and submission of assignments will determine whether your child passes or fails. If your child does not log in on time and turn in completed assignments that meet the passing standard, s/he is at risk of not earning the satisfactory level of performance needed for promotion or the award of credits.

Teachers are keeping track of attendance, active student participation & engagement, and submitted assignments. In order for Cotulla ISD to award credit for instruction, there must be evidence that proficiency of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) has been demonstrated.  All Cotulla ISD teachers are available by virtual appointment, email, or phone to assist in guiding instruction and answer any questions from you or your child. 

Students who are failing any of the required classes necessary for either promotion or graduation are expected to attend the CISD Summer Academy in order to demonstrate proficiency of the deficient TEKS. Identified students who do not attend the CISD Summer Academy will be retained in their current grade level or not awarded credit. Additionally, students who are not promoted to the next grade level due to failing grades, as well as, students who are placed in the next grade level could be at risk of not being eligible to participate in UIL activities for the first 6 weeks of the next school year.

Again, failure to consistently participate with a legitimate effort may put your child at risk of either not graduating, not being promoted, or not receiving credit for his/her courses. Additionally, your child’s eligibility to participate in UIL activities next year could also be impacted for the first 6 weeks of the next school year.

Summer Academy is currently being planned. As final decisions are made, information will be made available to you. One of the main purposes of this letter is to notify you that your child must show academic success or s/he will be retained or lose credit for any course that is failed. We ask that you please do everything you can do now to ensure your student is not one of those who may be retained for the coming school year.

I know we are in a pandemic. However, learning expectations will not be reduced. While last year TEA relaxed the grading requirements for the close of the year, this year TEA will not allow for grade requirements to be relaxed again. The school board is supporting the retention of students who failed to meet TEKS standards rather than moving them forward with the lack of the necessary foundational skills necessary to be successful. I reiterate again, please do all you can do now to ensure this does not occur with your child.


Dr. Jack Seals,

Superintendent of School